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PUP optional infection

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Hey I have recently (2 days ago) become aware pup.optional infections on my computer there were previously more than are present in the mbam log however they appear to have vanished, which is probably not the case :/. It is causing significant speed issues and is randomly changing my cursor / causing it to dissapear.


I would love it if somebody could offer assistance and will do whatever it takes to help.

thanks :)



MBAM-log-2013-08-10 (12-15-33).txt

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Hello Alterlo

PUP detections are Potentially Unwanted Programs. These are programs our researchers have found are sometimes added to a system without the user's knowledge or approval.

The default action for PUP detections is 'Show in results list and do not check for removal."

If you want Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to remove PUP detections, each item must be checked. To do so quickly, you can highlight one of the detections by left clicking on it. Then, right click on the highlighted detection, and select 'Check all items'. Next, click Remove Selected.

That should address the PUP entries.

If on the other hand the PUP detections do appear familiar to you and you use them, you can add them to the Ignore List.

User can edit the way each is reported in the scan results as described below:

Open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, click the 'Settings' tab.

Click the 'Scanner Settings' tab

Click the menu bar for each and select one of the following options:

Do not show results in list

Show in results list and check for removal

Show in results list and do not check for removal


When done, click the 'Exit' button


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Thanks for the reply Gringo, I figured out that there were 3 programs that had installed themselves and I forgot to record their names.

One of them was called solid savings, one was called browse 2 save or something and for the life of me I can't remember the other one.


The solid savings program had created several folders under google/chrome in appdata/local, which is where MBAM initially detected some of the malware. The four in that log that I attatched are not the only ones it found, because I had done prior scans and those ones persisted but it now appears to have removed them.


I also remember the initial file that caused this and I can't beleive I didn't notice that it wasn't normal when it first happened over 4 months ago, which is strange that it took so long to surface.

The file/program that caused this was the softonic downloader for gedit, which i don't know why i used when there is an official site for it prior to it in searching for gedit. I had unchecked all extras it wanted me to install, but obviously it was the installer or something.


It appears to be functioning again and all has been remedied, because I installed it so long ago, would you recommend that I delete all affected recovery points and create a fresh one now that it is clean?

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