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Just introducing myself


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Hey, I'm Olivia. I joined because I was having trouble with my laptop and viewing this site as an unregistered user seemed so helpful that I decided to join and ask for help myself. 


I'm in the medical field, but do graphic's design on the side, I design skins, websites, signatures, avatars, backgrounds etc., however I've never been able to understand code and all this awesome stuff that you guys/gals do.



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Hello Olivia,


Welcome to Malwarebytes Forum. This is my first post here at the forum with just joining today. I've been a member at several forums over the years (Community Feedback, Avast Forum, Online Armor, and Montana Menagrie with also just joining Inside My Mind forum two days ago.)


I'm using a Dell refurbished tower (Windows 7) that I picked up at Wal-mart on-line after using a Dell  Windows XP tower since 2001. Hope to not have any problems as i found Windows 7 very enjoyable after thinking Windows XP was the greatest.


Hope to meet up with you again. Best of luck, Olivia.


Ron - W3FSY (58 years in Amateur Radio.)


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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. 


A huge thank you to Maniac as my laptop is up and running perfectly now, and here sony wanted to charge me 80 to do a factory restore.


I will def. be sending him a donation and buying the program.


Like I said before, I do graphic's design if anyone would like a signature done or skin for anything please let me know. (free of charge of course)

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Hello OM's and thanks for the Welcome.


@ CWB  "finally said yes" - That's one I've got to remember. :lol:


At 73, I count my blessings and I'm grateful to the lord for each day with fairly good health. I use to be into Trout Fishing on the local creeks but gave that up when my fishing partner of 35 years passed away. My wife has extremely bad knee joints and requires cortisone shots every 8 weeks. She has poor blood circulation and getting her knee joints (bone on bone) replaced at her age would not be something to consider. I have a stairlift for her and that is a wonderful thing to have.


Sort of sounds like you've been around a while if your looking ar 810s and 4-1000s on the shelf. My old and biggest rig was a Viking 500 back in the AM days. Oh I forgot to say, I'm ex-"KR6DO" (Kume Shima Island) back in '59 and '60 having applied for the station license while in the USAF. I was into communications and had two airmen I was in charge of; so I had time to run phone patches to the USA for a few of us.


@ David  I have to laugh as when I got a newly issued PA License Plate I got one that made everyone look (DAD 4444) and everyone asked me if I had applied for that and I told them "NO".  LOL


I sort of hated to bust into Olivia's thread as I was looking high and low for a thread to introduce myself as well. Hope she forgives me.


I see some old faces here on the staff that I use to see checking in at Montana Menagrie (Jean's site) which is not too active anymore. I've met several hams on the Avast Forum as well.


73's, Ron - W3FSY

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Don't give up trout fishing.  The area North of Harrisburg is "gorgeous" and you are blessed to reside in are of such beauty.  You may even find what you think you lost, is still there (spiritually).


JeanInMontana.  She fell off the radar.  Here and other forums.





Air Force Radio, Tsk, tsk, what a shame...  :P

CSEL, CSEL by the C-shore.





I like a woman who fishes.  I taught my neighbor how to Surf Fish.  She does pretty good.



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Nice age to start your kid Surf Fishing.  I know how much phun it is to have a fishing partner.  Enjoy it while you can.


Hey, he may never grow out of it, fishing with his Mum.  They'll be memories he'll remember with fondness.

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I can see that is quite a fish your neighbor bagged. Yep! Dirty old man thoughts! :D


Being a fresh water fisherman on creeks, what is surf fishing David? Ocean fishing?



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Surf Fishing is standing on the beach (preferably) or on a Jetty (or groin) and casting with bait or lure into the ocean's surf.


Surf Fishing is a sub-set of Ocean Fishing as Ocean Fishing can include being on any boat, dinghy, ocean kayak, etc.


I put together a "short" screen-show.





NJ Surf Fishing.pdf

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