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  • 5 months later...

i wanted to unsubscribe to the news letter also and found out how to do it. 

sign in

go to the top right hand side of the page, there is an e-mail sign next to it is a small square with a head on it, click on that 

click on options

next go down the right hand side unclick on the e-mails you don't want to receive.

go to the very bottom and save changes.  that should stop the emails, but you are still a member for when you have another question.

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  • 2 months later...

Hi - I just received an email purporedly from Malwarebytes, (info@news.malwarebytes.org), asking me if I still wish to receive the Malwarebytes newsletter, which I've never received to the best of my knowledge.  It contains a link to click on in order to renew it, with an address that doesn't look real, when I pass my cursor over it, which states, ("yes, I'd like to keep receiving the newsletter").  Does anyone know if this email is real, and if it is safe to click on that link in order to renew the Malwarebytes' newsletter?




Lida  :unsure:

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  • Root Admin

Hi Lida


By name alone we cannot tell.  You can contact the Consumer Support and forward them the email and they can check on it and verify for you.



Please also see the following link



Thank you

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I received the same notice about the newsletter twice now.  I have never gotten a newsletter, to my knowledge...but it is something I would like to get.

HOWEVER, I am not willing to click on the link in the email in order to remain a newletter subscriber even though I've never gotten a newsletter lol. 


This email says final notification:  here is the text of the email


Hi deb,

You think you don’t have the time or mindspace for cyber security, right? We wish that were the case. However, your best defense against hackers, malware, and identity theft remains knowledge. And your best place to get that knowledge is the Malwarebytes newsletter.

This is a gentle reminder of the reason why you signed up for the newsletter in the first place. If it were true back then that you needed the latest intel on malware and hacks to be safe, it is even more so now with the emergence of advanced threats like Cryptolocker ransomware, the Heartbleed bug, and the Netflix/Silverlight exploit. The criminals and their tactics are only getting smarter, and it’s harder to keep ahead of them.

The monthly Malwarebytes newsletter delivers
The news you need to know to surf safer (We were one of the first to report on Cryptolocker.) Product info that will help you to get the most out of your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Deals on products you need to surf safer
To keep the newsletter coming, all you have to do is let us know.
Yes, I’d like to keep receiving the newsletter

If you do not want the newsletter, simply do nothing. This is our last reminder—we will not send you another email again.

the Malwarebytes team

P.S. Like you, we’re fans of a clean in-box. The newsletter is only monthly at most, with the occasional supplemental special announcement.

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If you want to let your current newsletter subscription lapse, then you just need to ignore that last reminder email.

I presume they will then remove your email address from the subscription distribution list.


If you want to RESUBSCRIBE at any time, then you just need to visit the Malwarebytes home page >>HERE<<.

Scroll down to the bottom.

Enter your email address in the field.

Click the "Submit" button.






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