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Mail from the (Velvet) Cybercrime Underground


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Mail from the (Velvet) Cybercrime Underground
Over the past six months, “fans” of this Web site and its author have shown their affection in some curious ways. One called in a phony hostage situation that resulted in a dozen heavily armed police surrounding my home. Another opened a $20,000 new line of credit in my name. Others sent more than $1,000 in bogus PayPal donations from hacked accounts. Still more admirers paid my cable bill for the next three years using stolen credit cards. Malware authors have even used my name and likeness to peddle their wares.



“Flycracker,” the administrator of thecc.bz crime forum, hatches plan to send drugs to my home.

But the most recent attempt to embarrass and fluster this author easily takes the cake as the most elaborate: Earlier this month, the administrator of an exclusive cybercrime forum hatched and executed a plan to purchase heroin, have it mailed to my home, and then spoof a phone call from one of my neighbors alerting the local police. Thankfully, I had already established a presence on his forum and was able to monitor the scam in real time and alert my local police well in advance of the delivery. (More...)


Read the rest at: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/07/mail-from-the-velvet-cybercrime-underground/



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hmmm ... buying dope on-line ... replete with feedback ratings on the hustlers , suppliers and dealers .

who'da thunk it ?


i read the article .

i do have a question .

if indeed this is not a faked up scam ...

what guy in his right mind , upon receiving an envelop of "little packets" of a "white powdery substance" , would crack one of them open when they have no way of analyzing said substance .

yeah , poke and prod at it ... "sure looks like horse to me ..." .

i won't go into "tampering with evidence" .

give me a break .


as for his "safety measures" ...

doesn't the guy realize than many substances (and not just "drugs") can be ab/adsorbed via the eyes ?

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Krebs noted the folly in his opening the packets.  And he had no way of knowing what it contained or if had even been laced with Ricin, Antrax or other agent.


Have you ever seen those cop shows where the cop takes out a knife, opens the package, gets some on the knife and tastes it subsequently declaring it as "drug X" ?

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I feel sorry for Krebs as he does a lot in the "anti-xxxxxxx" industry and his research is solid so it's a crying shame that he, and his provider, are attacked so often in some group or hacker somewhere trying to mess up his life.


Imagine him trying to explain the heroin to cops if he hadn't been able to notify them before the fact.


Those cops tasting the powder are idiots. You'll notice the good ones use the little plastic test envelope and wait for it to turn blue (cocaine) or other colors for various drugs. The good ones arrest "on suspicion of" and send the stuff to the lab like it should be done. Crack and black tar heroin and marijuana are easy to ID visually or by smell but the pills as well as the other "spices" and "bath salts" I wouldn't touch with a 10' pole - that's what a good police lab is for..


Florida (my screwed up state and the laughing stock of the nation) is really fighting the bath salts and designer drugs that are supposed to mimic various drugs but skirt the law on technicalities. South Florida sells more (we have "pain clinics" out the yahoo) oxycodone than the rest of the nation combined. People from up north come down to there and see a "doctor" and for $300 cash get a script for Oxy' or buy the drugs from the doctors for a dollar a pill or so and turn around, go back up north where they can get $80 to $100 a pill - big profits; little risk..



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The problem of using one's real name is what Krebs is getting in "feedback".  He has literally put his life in danger.


The SWATing event was the worse.  Not only could it have gone very wrong with Krebs or his family falling to a mistakenly placed bullet, some legitimate event could have taken place simultaneously where there could have been a needless loss of life due to the opportunity cost of the tactical force being at Krebs'  home instead of a "real" event.

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