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#1 Hi there. I had a computer yesterday 8/1/13 that had a SERIOUS popup issue. I did my typical Rkill followed by Malware Bytes (with updated database) to remove the problem. No joy as after rebooting and then redoing this again in safe mode the problem still existed.

The cause was Lyrics Container BHO.

I evetually identified it, and manually removed it, but MB did not remove it for me.

#2 The email used for this account is not monitored. The fact that I had to create an account just to post ALMOST kept me from reporting this issue, but I like to help you guys (Malware Bytes) as I can't tell you the number of times you have helped me (thusly why you are 1/2 of my standard go to software for this problem)

#3 Requiring registration just to post..... Guys, bogus email accounts are a dime a dozen..... How does this protect the community? A little more effort in a ranking system (ok it would be a lot more effort, but a lot more rewarding and effective) for users/members who post to the forums would be worth a hundred times what the current system is worth. I am not member here, I have never been here before, and I probably won't ever come back. My ONLY rel goal was to report the above problem. But my frustration in being able to do that is what caused this diatribe. So if I am competely clueless (as I usually am) and this point is moot as you already have some such system forgive me, and use that system INSTEAD of the registration system, and that will make it easier for people like me to post about problems!!! (And easier for you guys to identify when a poster is not rated, and give that post its due time and attenion)


John Wulf

CIO Apex Technology

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He is reporting that we were unable to detect or remove one of the many different redirect infections out there but apparently doesn't want to work with us to help us possibly include it.


As to why to sign up, well your ranking system that you're speaking of John doesn't really work well to stop spamming or trolling and why most sites don't allow much guest postings.  Ranks also work to foster elitism which also typically alienates others that are not part of that group, but thank you for taking the time to at least report it on some level.

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