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Is youtube-mp3.org Safe?

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Hello, I just found out about youtube-mp3.org Its awesome been using for a day or so haven't run into any problems fast speed works fine, But I'm a little scared if it formatted my C: Drive, I'm easily paranoid. But I'm really scared What are your thoughts about it? -Minecrafter  

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hmmm ...

if you are specifically talking about : "YouTube mp3 1.0.4"

it is available as an add-on in FF , listed by the name i gave above and can be found by the "add-on search" in FF .

it shows as being ok ... no red flags from ESET , WOT , trafficlight and the FF built in checker .

all my downloads are scanned as they "arrive" by ESET ... nothing shows up in the downloaded files , the same after completion .

as with all things of this nature ... i do not condone nor promote circumventing copyright/protection laws ... period .

(i have used this service in the past to download some archived mp3 audio files that have nothing to do with music)


there are many look/sound alike names/programs products ... a few (!) of them are not (-*ahem*-) "friendly" .

i cannot stress this point strongly enough .

(a couple of them open up flagged/blocked pages along with the "downloader page")


"I'm a little scared if it formatted my C: Drive, I'm easily paranoid. But I'm really scared"

it is a good idea to be paranoid ... especially when treading in unknown waters .

make darn sure that your AV and other security measures are up to speed and rescan each file after downloading .

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youtube-mp3.org looks safe to me, except the ads, they are so intrusive.

I think there are a lot of kids around there that just click the ringtone maker button and get stuck with a monthly payment of €16  :angry2:

Personally i prefer the Firefox plugin or if that one is not available i like to use youtubemp3x


Hope this helps ^^

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