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United States Cyber Security - Ransom

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Good Morning All,


My husband got hit with this on his computer after being redirected from a "Secure and trusted" web link of his  he uses for research.


Currently he is in Safe Mode and is Scanning with Advira/IOBIT Malware scanner. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, before I commit husband-cide. I am using my Windows Vista box to transfer any programs to his XP box.  Once this is clear his OS is being upgraded to Vista as I have a current full disk for it.


Someone please tell me where to go  :)  so I can fix his computer.


Thanks a bunch




PS have empty 4 GB flash stick available for use :/

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Good Day,


Thank you for the information.  All files/logs are pulled and available, however I cannot start a new post in "Malware Removal help" states I need to wait another 42-50 seconds b4 starting another thread.  I have tried 3X 5 min apart for each try.  ANy suggestions.

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Need to get my many posts cleared.  When I was trying to post the logs I kept getting a time out error.  I did not check the main forums, because the error msg stated I had to wait.  Now I have like 6 or so posts. I am so sorry, but the wording on the timeout message was not clear to me, I thought the logs had not loaded.


Could someone please delete all except the last one?  I am so sorry about this.



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