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Hello friends, I open this thread because I have the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program trial version for "15 days" (I think). Well, on the main screen of scan, I get down an option called "Buy It Now", which sends me to the sales page of this Anti-Malware program, which is: http://www.malwarebytes.org / lp / Inproduct /. Now, hit the "upgrade now", I get the purchase screen shows me in my case in Mexican currency, which would be $ 335.03 MXN = 30 USD (approximately). Now ... I see the following methods of payment: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, JCB, and finally transfer Paypal.

Actually my doubt is, will implement the Bitcoin as a payment method ever? Since I usually buy this type of currency, since transfers are completely anonymous and easy to use. Would be very useful for me and for many users who want to buy with this type of currency.

I hope your answers, greetings!

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  • Root Admin

I'm sorry but no we will not be using Bitcoin as a payment method.  In fact you may want to read up on a recent news article concerning Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: man charged over alleged multimillion-dollar Ponzi fraud

We will continue to use the well known and well respected current offerings and may add others that are well established but Bitcoin does not fall into this category at this time.

There are many user for it and many users against it.  At this time though it is too young and unproven as a payment method.



Bitcoin - Wikipedia

Thank you

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Huh, i feel sorry to hear that, and to read that... Had no knowledge about this news, is a shame, because I really wanted to buy the product legally. but well, there will always be this kind of scammers abusing investors in any currency... Maybe I can find a way to transfer my Bitcoins to dollars, and to paypal, in some BTC market to buy the product... Anyway, thanks for the reply ;)

And well, as additional information, there are several sites including Torguard, Tor Project, Lumbfile, TorrentLeech, Foodler (a food establishment) and many others, who accept this type of currency... But I do not do spam or advertising, hope not be breaking the rules. maybe you should give them a look, you see that this is indeed so, and i do not lie.


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  • Root Admin

It is not a matter of these other sites accepting Bitcoin or not.  We choose not to use it at this time as again it is not a proven and trusted operation. 

Perhaps that will change in time but for now you'll need one of the currently approved methods to purchase the product.

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Well, I understand what you mean, and i understand your posture, i just was saying that these sites accept it... I have bought in Torguard with BTC on several occasions, and have always been successful transactions without any problem, in addition to other sites with the same successful result. I was just telling my personal experience with this type of currency.

But hopefully that will change at some future, as you say. Those were all my doubts ;).

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