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Is it possible to get a virus from google images?

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Hello, I've been looking for some cool Minecraft backgrounds and today, My pc after a hour the background from windows 8 Default flashes red about 60 times then stops It only started doing this yesterday, Specs are I7 Extreme edition Three GTX 780 TI's running in SLI Mode 64 gigs of ram two Terabyte hard drive (Not a SSD) My antivirus programs are Malwarebytes, Paid Kaspersky, And Paid Bitdefender. Can I have help please it really freaks me out at night.. Help please!

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Hello and Welcome to Malwarebytes

Yes it is possible to get infected by looking at Google images. BTW Malwarebytes is not an antivirus software, its Antimalware software. Also running two antivirus programs (Kaspersky and Bitdefender) at the same time is not recommended as this could cause problems.

If you think you may be infected, feel free to follow the instructions below to receive free, one-on-one expert assistance in checking your system and clearing out any infections and correcting any damage done by the malware.

Please see the following pinned topic which has information on how to get help with this: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers

Thank you

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Malwarebytes is NOT an anti virus program.  It targets non viral malware.
Your subject "Is it possible to get a virus from google images?" (which wasn't part of the body of your post)  is misleading.
All too often the misperception is that all malicious software are "viruses".  The fact is viruses in Today's environment have been marginalized by their cousins, trojans.  All viruses and trojans are malware (malicious Software) but not all malware are viruses.
So the question is "Is it possible to get a malware from google images?"
While the propensity is low, Google has been used to host malware.  If we are talking about PNG and JPG files, no.
You state "My pc after a hour the background from windows 8 Default flashes red about 60 times then stops It only started doing this yesterday".
Can you provide more details and possibly a screen capture ?

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That's a broad question that should be qualified but I'll try to give you background...


The first thing to understand is the term "virus" is overly used, abused and misused.  Viruses are but a small part of the malware scene where trojans have the preponderance of presence.  All viruses are malware but not all malware are viruses.


The next concept is how can malware be obtained from "Google Images". 

What are images ?

Typically "images" are graphic files such as;  JPEG (JPG), PNG and GIF.  As graphic files they can't "infect" a computer they way an executable or interpreted script based file can.  


There are cases where a specially crafted graphic file can be used in exploiting a known vulnerability and in this act can lead to malware being installed or in other words "infecting" a computer.


Another rarer instance concerns the concept of steganography.  That is where a binary, text, or other digital data is embedded within a graphic file.  Steganography can be used in copyright maintenance, data exfiltration and can be used to carry a malicious executable.  However in the latter case one must have an external utility that will extract the malicious file from the graphic file.  While this has been seen in the wild it had limited scope and distribution and only existed within a short time span.  It was not considered by malicious actors as a viable delivery vehicle because it required a separate utility.  Why use the combination of the utility and a graphic when that utility could be the actual malware.


The only other possibility is if Google Images point to a site that is using malicious code.  It is possible but not probable.


If you have questions, please ask.  But please, be specific.



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I've heard time and time again that running Kaspersky and Bitdefender is ok, I've never had any troubles with them. I'll Remove Kaspersky.




Well, I don't know where you heard that?

Certainly not here or anywhere at Kaspersky forum or support, or at any of the major computer/tech support forums?


Of all the AVs, KIS/KAV is particularly finicky about cleanly, properly removing all traces of other AV products (and certain other security programs) in order to perform properly.

Aside from hits to your system performance (slow-downs, crashes, hangups, etc), having 2 real-time AV programs running can seriously reduce your computer's security.

Even having their driver remnants left on your system can cause performance issues.

The same is true, regardless of which 2 AVs they might be - this isn't unique to KIS/KAV.

One's computer is LESS secure with 2 AVs, not MORE secure.

I'm frankly amazed that your system runs OK with BOTH BD and KIS/KAV. :o


If you're going to remove KIS/KAV, be sure to do so completely & rebooting, and even using their removal tool, if needed, to remove all drivers and other remnants.


<just sayin', as a longtime KIS user>

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