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MB blocking repeatedly?

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Type: outgoing

Port: 59372

Process: svchost.exe


It keep's showing this up every 5 seconds. Should I be concerned?


P.S: I also recently had MB clear a Trojan/Rootkit recently, which have been on my computer for a long time without my knowledge, however they were for some toolbar that got downloaded to my computer. So could it have anything to do with that? My computer is running fine with the a blue screen once in a while, which I know is bad, however It just dumps physical memory or something like that and starts up again, working perfectly fine.


Should I do something?

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Hello and welcome, Xiduth: :)


Is this by any chance the same computer about which you've also posted in the PC Help section >>HERE<<?


Given that you state that you were recently infected and that you are experiencing performance problems and these IP blocks, it could be that there are still remnants of infection/damage from the infection.


As we don't work on malware-related issues in this particular sub-section of the forum, please follow the recommendations in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.
A qualified helper will guide you through the scanning and cleanup process.



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Thanks for the clarification. :)
For your unresponsive laptop, I would continue to work with the staff/members who are helping you in your other topic over in PC Help
For the computer that was recently infected and that is still getting the outgoing IP blocks, the best bet would be to have one of the malware experts assist you with looking into it further, by following the advice in this pinned topic: Available Assistance For Possibly Infected Computers.

(When you start the requested new post over in the malware removal section, it would probably minimize confusion for the helpers there if you explain that this is a different computer from the one with which you are being helped over in the PC Help section.)


Kind regards,



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