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What do you need to keep your computer secure, in regards to virus/malware protection? And how much is too much?


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A guy I know is constantly telling me I need to buy a paid version of AVG or even go with Bitdefender. Right now, I have Avast Free, Malwarebytes Pro, and I'm using Windows Firewall. Am I vulnerable? Should I look into a paid anti-virus suite?

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As long as you practice Safe Hex what you have is fine.


The most important aspect of computer security is YOU and what you do.  All the software in the world won't protect you if you don't have Situational Awareness, don't practice Safe Hex and don't use Critical Thought before accepting what's on the web or clicking on URLs.

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... between the chair and the keyboard ...

i say "a dead short between the headsets" .

i can't claim it as original either ...

the guy i heard it from about 40 years ago heard it from a guy 25 years previous .


in reference to paid vs "free" ...

as there are differences between the free and paid versions that vary between manufactures , one would be hard pressed to say "this one here is what you want and the way to go ..." .

(actually this is a "no-no" subject as far as saying or endorsing a particular antivirus program)

some manufacturers have no "free" version ... maybe a short trial of the real deal (or crippled) .

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