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MWB EE alongside Trend Micro in Real-Time scanning mode

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Are there any conflicts at the kernel level or anywhere else when running MalwareBytes Enterprise Edition alongside an AV scanner such as Trend Micro OfficeScan? We have a security researcher that said it will conflict, so his suggestion is for us to run TrendMicro OfficeScan as the primary AV scanner, and turn off realtime scanning in MalwareBytes EE and only use it as a remediation tool. He said running both in real time scanning will be a conflict and is not recommended. Can anyone give me some definitive data to show to management? I have found that using both of them at the same time both scanning has been very beneficial to our environment and has stopped alot of things that TrendMicro could not find or stop. I haven't seen any crashes or the sort yet, but that is the concern. He said Kernel conflicts specifically. Anyone have any thoughts or evidence to prove otherwise? He said they are both essentially Antivirus software, not AV and AM (Antimalware).



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Hello Mike,


There should not be any issue of conflict as long as you have exclusions setup in Trend to allow Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to scan without being blocked by Trend.


What version of Trend Micro OfficeScan are you running and what version of the client is MEE running?

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Trend Micro OfficeScan 10.6.1062




What exclusions specifically would you set up? for the program directories of each other? what if they try to access and scan the same file at the same time. Those types of conflicts are what he says can crash their machines.

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