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I just joined and dont know what i should post this in so i just put it here okay from the start my poor laptop has been through hell and now I just want it to stop I know that i have virises EVERYWHERE but she just shrugs them off and keeps ticking fine but latly ive been getting ads on youtube saying im 100000000 visitor and that viris crap won free iphone need to update pc all kinds of stuff never got that before.. I was looking in control panel and found getsave-In by adpeak im sure thats a viris but should i just uninstal it? or what also a while ago my viris protection microsoft securuty essentials picked up Hijack.gen a trojan viris by what i read so I think i got rid of that i want to know for sure though i know realy nothing about computers just to stay away from free stuff lol i trust nothing so I dont know how i got the virises probly a couple years ago when i first got the pc so you will have to walk me through step by step only way i can learn lol sorry i am draging this on also ive looked into combofix to completly eliminate all the crap i got going on but i dont know how to use it and if i do need it would like to have someone message me or preferably skype or somthing to make sure i dont screw it up if i do have a viris its not a big deal my personal info has and never will be on this ive also have had virises security essentles have told me are being controled by someone (gave me a mini heart attact) and i want to make sure those are gone okay i think thats all sorry about spelling its 5am and i just cant spell realy thanks.

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Hi, again: :)


Thanks for the update.


EDIT: I'm not sure what you mean by having "downloaded out post"??  (Did you try to install and scan with a new anti-virus/security suite? If you are infected, it's not necessarily a good time to try to install a new anti-virus; it would be better/safer to get cleaned up first.)


We don't work on cleaning malware/adware in this particular section of the forum.

That work is done in a separate area.


So, please follow the instructions in this pinned topic .

It can appear to be more complicated than it is; just take your time and do the steps one at a time. :)


>>>>If you would like expert guided assistance with scanning and cleanup of the system, please follow the instructions in this post >>RIGHT HERE<<.

>>>>Then please start a NEW post (including both of the DDS logs, if you have them) in the malware removal section of the forum >>RIGHT HERE<<.

One of the specially trained malware experts will then provide free, one-on-one help as soon as someone is available.





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hmmm ...

do you suppose he was using the *possibly* infected laptop to post with and got bounced to a bogus (or real) "outpost security suite" site ?


Hi, CWB: Yes, good thought. I suppose that could be! ;)


@ notgoodatusernames:  Is that what happened?  Were you redirected from the correct page to some sort of  (bogus) "Outpost" page?


(I'm heading off to work. So, I'll need to leave this to the other forum volunteers and helpers to take it from here....)

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