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[SOLVED] workaround no longer working for me


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Hi Mbam

The workaround you describe below is no longer working for me since I installed the new update I try to end it in process manager it says I am not admin. I am running as admin and have tried talking it around but it just sticks 2 fingers up at me. The only thing it would accept to get it working is to re-install."Sometimes the icon disappears from the traybar after reboot even if mbae.exe is running. As a workaround, run TaskManager or ProcessExplorer as administrator and "kill" the process mbae.exe/mbae64.exe and then run Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit from Start, Programs, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit."Cheer's Vince_

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Opps it has gone 1,2,3,4,5,6 for some reason probably because I copied the text from known issues then pasted it in deleting the 1 sorry about that. The numbers, well just ignore them there not anything to do with my post


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Good day to you Pbust

I run TaskManager and then in ProcessExplorer I try to end mbae.exe it just says I'm not admin, but I tried stopping other programs and they all terminate OK. The only way for me to get it going if it does not start at start up which is rare is to reinstall it.

One thing I did notice is in processExplorer when it's not working the User Name which should be SYSTEM is blank and no longer displaying. It's been working fine since I posted and started up just fine on every boot. If it happens again is there some way for me to collect data that tells you whats happened? I don't know much about computers so if its simple that would be great :)


Sorry I was not very clear on the matter.

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I did that and it didn't work either.

It's still working fine at the moment since I reinstalled.


Unrelated to the above:

I'm trying to do some diagnostics using this site


and when I run the NDT test is stops it saying its and exploit? Is it flagging it for real or a misstake? please



Thankies for ya help



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Its windows seven starter all upto date.

Products installed on it are


MBAB pro


Peerblock (just spayware list)

Hosts files MVP

spyware blaster


Private firewall

All are upto date


Browser is:

Google chrome


adblock plus

bit defender traffic light

all is upto date



open DNS

DNS crypt

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