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Nasty Virus Disabled Malwarebytes

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Yesterday I somehow got a really nasty virus in my computer even though I'm running Trend Micro Internet Security as my main anti-virus program and Malwarebytes as my secondary protection. First my computer would only launch Windows XP in safe mode, I got a black screen when I tried to launch normally. However after repeated re-boots, I got the computer to launch Windows normally. I was able to run Trend Micro scan and it found nothing. I tried launching Malwarebytes and it refused to launch. I went to my Windows Restore to attempt a restore and when I got to the "next" button, I found it was disabled. I was able to launch SuperAntiSpyware, a program I rarely use but it failed abuot one minute into the scan. I attempted launching it in Safe Mode and it found several malware problems.

Once it had removed them, Mawarebytes finally worked and I was able to finish cleaning my computer. I've run three scans in in safe mode and its now come up clean.

Could someone review my Hijack This log to see if there are still problems?




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