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MBAR success story

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so yesterday got a call from a small company which they needed help with malware removal and so i thought i bring MBAR with me and i was really impressed with the results. after scanning with the latest TDSSKILLER version which found nothing i was relieved to see that ) popup and then i thought i fire up MBAR which after scanning the number 2 was eye popping.


anyway MBAR saved the day even though explorer.exe and a critical registry key was infected and removed and had to repair windows but all was working clean at the end.


thanks to Malwarebytes team for such great softwares.




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I too have a THANK YOU!  I've been plagued with a TrojanDropper.BCMiner for months. I was floored when MBAM found it but couldn't remove it. I've used MBAM for years and never had anything it couldn't fix. I tried several recommended fixes (some involved running 5 or 6 anti-this and anti-that programs consecutively) but nothing would remove it. I knew where it was so I thought I'd try FileAssassin one more time before wiping out the OS entirely and reinstalling... and then I saw your Anti-Rootkit. And I am now Trojan free. Thank you so much for your time and dedication, and for reinforcing my belief that there is nothing Malwarebytes can't fix.

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I have to post a success story as well - I was working on a machine infected with the Win32/Spy.Zbot infection which Trend Micro had failed to stop.  Unfortunately I'm not at work so I don't have the variant letters, but one of my level I support guys had been wrestling with it for a few hours and escalated the ticket to me - the first thing I did was transferred MBAR which picked up a slew of different things, and successfully cleaned them.  Followed it up with a Malwarebytes scan, and some additional diagnostics with DDS for removing some additional PUA's, and a temp file cleaner, the user had their machine back and was one happy camper.  For a Beta product, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit surpasses several other free and paid for antivirus, anti-rootkit, and anti-malware products.  I actually have screenshots of the logs - when I get to work tomorrow I'll see if I can post them. 

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