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was my SmartServer hijacked?

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An iLon SmartServer 2.0 made by Echelon that I am managing has become extremely slow and many times unresponsive altogether. In addition to that I have found several suspicious watchdoglog.txt files in the FTP of the server -- suspicious because I don't have Watchdog on any of my machines, and I'm not sure this server comes with any Watchdog software.  My fear is that this server has been hacked, or hijacked. 


This is a small SOAP/XML web server designed to allow remote monitoring and management of a building control network (lighting, HVAC, etc.)  It supports .NET and Java development tools.


I have already reset the server to factory default settings, but the old watchdoglogs remain in the FTP, and it still behaves in the same manner. At the same time I changed the FTP username and password.

Pinging the server IP checks out normal, but when trying to connect in any browser it often will time out and fail to load.  Intermittently it will connect, but becomes unresponsive at some point. Building IT personnel guarantee that its a solid high speed internet connection.


Since this is not a PC operating on windows, I wouldn't know how to go about removing any malware or harmful code. Any guidance on finding and removing harmful code would be much appreciated. If there is a quality forum better suited for my problem, I haven't found it yet. Please direct me there.

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