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Thank You Malwarebytes


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                                                                                ~Greetings Everyone~ 


I would like to share a small story that might be totally lame for you guys out there but to me it was like a dream come true. I had a weird infection that attacked my Task Manager which made all my process's,applications not visible on it, I tried every damn Anti-virus out there with no solution to the problem every AV kept giving me the same sentence "Your computer is free of threats" but my "Task Manager" is still not working, I even tried to restore my system files back to when I 1st bought my laptop but surprisingly the problem still persisted! I was shocked,scared,terrified pick any word you want I didn't know what to do until a friend told me to try out "Malwarebytes" at first I was not motivated to try anything as apparently I felt like being attacked by a special virus that was made just for me but turns out I was wrong from my 1st push on the button and my eyes on the screen it was scanning scanning scanning... with no threats I thought it was even weaker than those AV's out there that cost's money so I did not believe that a free program would, at the end of the scan it showed up 16 infected objects and it got interesting like for the 1st time I see something showing up threats I restarted my laptop and my Task Manager was back to how it was after 2 months of trying, I am sorry I couldn't stop myself by writing this lame story just cant express how happy I am for it being finally fixed. 


Thank You Malwarebytes team although I cant possibly thank you enough, you have proved that you are better and probably the best! 


Thank You Very Much!!! :* 



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Hello and :welcome:

This by all means is not a lame story....

We are glad Malwarebytes has helped you eradicate this malicious software. If your current security solution let this infection through, you might please consider purchasing the FULL version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for additional protection.

Thank you for using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Activating the full version unlocks real-time protection, scheduled scanning, and scheduled updating.

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