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[SOLVED] New release


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What known issues are you referring to? They did fix some according to the changelog....

I for one am curious if they fixed the disappearing tray icon?

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is available for download:


•Fixed false positive when downloading a binary file under Chrome.

•Fixed crash when opening Chrome under certain configurations.

•Fixed false positive when opening MS Word with certain add-ins.

•Fixed error opening Word/Excel files under certain configurations.

•Improved upgrade mechanism when installing on top of older versions.

•Added full version number to the main interface.

•Minor interface improvements.

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I see the Shielded Application Counter inconsistancy/BUG is still present in this release.

I personally don't understand why the counter can't tell if an app/Browser is open or not?? And how many are shielded??


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  • Staff

It's due to how some programs (ie, chrome, acrobat, etc) open and close some sub-processes with the same name and which also get hooked. For the new GUI we'll do something different. Suggestions are welcomed. IIRC one user suggested some time ago to somehow highlight the protected app similar to what Sandboxie does. Any other ideas?

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