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I don't know the correct term for it but I am wondering what the best free traffic light safe search program you can get is. I have tried Web of trust (WOT) and found it marks dangerous sites as safe.

I also tried McAfee site advisor and found it hit and miss as to when it wanted to work or as 70% of the time never worked, for me at least.

I have done a search on the net but not found any other free programs with the green ticks and red cross that mark sites as safe or not.

Could anyone suggest some reliable free alternatives please.


Thank you kindly Vince_   :D

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i use wot , trafficlight , the "built in" FF version and the similar function in ESET smart security simultaneously ... this pretty much covers the bases .


sometimes the disparity in site ratings is not based on "malicious code" ... other factors are involved .

as an example some of the websites are not the best in the world at delivering the goods ... much like the shady posters at ebay .

one has to look at what the ratings are about .

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Hi CWB thanks for your reply, I didn't like WOT because it lists so many unsafe sites as safe. Do you have a link for the free link scanner ESET please as I had a look and couldnt find it



Vince_  :D

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note : i am not and will not endorse any specific product .


bitdefender has "trafficlight" ... this can be found in the 'add-ons" in firefox (which is a very good browser) .

ESET has no "free lunches" ... they do have trials of several of their products .

AVG has a "site scanner database" (aka : "safe search") feature (i believe) , this is included as a part of their suite of products ... it has been quite some time since i used their products .


wot is good ... but i personally believe that many of the people (users) that "report back" are reactionaries and go a bit overboard if a site does not fit their ideals of "what is right" .

(think spinster schoolteacher "accidentally" stumbling upon a porn site)

i do believe that the "trustworthiness" rating is very important if one is going to have any type of business transaction with a site/entity .

so , check the ratings of the site you want to visit ... especially if they are red-flagged .

to digress from the above ; using wot , trafficlight and the "built in" feature of firefox would be a solid foundation to build on .


in addition ...

the use of a good/reputable anti-virus/malware (combined or stand alone) is of great importance .

as an example , with my main machine i sometimes wonder which program is going to "catch" some malicious code or skulduggery .

i am required to check out links posted at another forum i belong to . this can be rather (-*ahem*-) "entertaining" as the links look perfectly legitimate ...

sometimes it is a redirect (bounce) to another website or malicious content or code injection at a site that is *supposed* to be or thought to be "clean" .

(it is surprising just how many posters are ignorant of what goes on at the sites they link to)


as always , it is advisable to NOT run multiple programs of a certain similar nature (eg : two antivirus programs) .

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Thank you all for your help. I'm going to try Bitdefender Trafficlight for chrome browser.


Thanking you all kindly 

A happy Vince_   :D  (always happy when its free and something new to play with)

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