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Ext. Drive after a 'Clean Install' . . .

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Hello All,


 Last month mbam informed me that I was infected with the devastating and insidious Heuristic Shuriken. I wasn't so broken up about it because I would just rather start fresh anyways. So I'm back in business with my PC, but now there's about 300 'giga-what-its'worth of precious data that i need to access. I have choreography that I need to learn as a Ballet dancer, but I think that because if the heuristic nature of malware these days I feel the code could morph into something that allows it to remain hidden from scans.

     One day recently, I ran the ESET scan and low and behold it found:

C:\Users\Elliott\Downloads\installer_adobe-flash-player_English.exe    a variant of Win32/Vittalia.E application    cleaned by deleting - quarantined

G:\Programs & Installers\cbsidlm-cbsi5_4_0_101-Wise_Program_Uninstaller-ORG-75798277.exe    probably a variant of Win32/CNETInstaller.A application    cleaned by deleting - quarantined

G:\Programs & Installers\cbsidlm-tr1_13-GeekUninstaller-ORG-75747354.exe    Win32/DownloadAdmin.G application    cleaned by deleting - quarantined

G:\Programs & Installers\FlashPlayerPro.exe    a variant of Win32/AirAdInstaller.A application    cleaned by deleting - quarantined

G:\Programs & Installers\GenuineRegistryDoctor-    a variant of Win32/Adware.RealRegistryCleaner application    cleaned by deleting - quarantined

G:\Programs & Installers\SoftonicDownloader_for_ad-aware-total-security.exe    a variant of Win32/SoftonicDownloader.E application    cleaned by deleting - quarantined


I found it fitting that one of the suspicious files was on the C drive.  The remaining 5 were on the ext drive.  I haven't had a chance to check if they were false pozzies, but I basically need to know what is the usual course of action for someone in my position. . .I have scanned it repeatedly (Norton, mbar, mbam, ESET) everything comes up with 'no malicious processes found' . . .


On a un-related issue, I am puzzled by a couple entries I saw in the windows firewall settings.  I use the Norton firewall, but I just wanna know if some bad code is lying in wait for a way to 'phone home' :




They were in the 'exceptions' tab.  I just don't recall ever seeing stuff like that in these settings. . .




  Vista     Norton 360        malwarebytes


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  • Root Admin

Sorry for the delay - it would appear that you were probably overlooked as you're asking networking type questions of a degree and not specifically looking for assistance with malware removal.


The files and entries listed by name alone are valid legit program entries.


Did  you need further assistance with anything malware related?

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