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I just read a article about Verizon and sharing, I do not see well any more but can say  I traced a IP in 2004 to Verizon Wireless Ampa Theater, and I was not wireless and way up in the Idaho Mountains. That has been going on With Verizon sense they took over Pack Bell in California some time in the 1990's. We switched to Frontier about four years ago and last November I got a phone call from them and thought that was aprank and hung up . The woman said " are you ever going to pay your phone bill?" I had cataracts so I was having my husband take over the bills , and he had never done it and asumed he paid them because he did not remember seeing a bill. It turned out that it had not been paid for a good nine months. Usually when you don't pay, it takes three months and your out. I phoned back to Frontier and found out that was not a prank and was told they lost our physical address. I won't pay on line and had the bill sent to our mail box , by snail mail . Later when I was having my husbands machine put on Frontier wireless, the man told me they did have a problem with the loss of address's when they bought out Verizon, only a select few, never the less it was not our mistake it was Verizons, and Frontiers, and why would Verizon still have our number if Frontier bought them out over 5 years ago. None of it made sense, unless you just happen to be me and you just happen to know where the film "Dogma" came from. Oh, and a song called Desert Rose also, can you hear me now?

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