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Excuses for being "Absent from Work"

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Well if it was for real, it was not at my work place.... LOL

Here is another....

I Drank Too Much And Fell Asleep On Someone’s Floor – I Don’t Know Where I Am"

oh ok GOOD LOL I thought it was from your workplace, haha! :X


& that is sad :/  the other one LOL

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My boss called in saying that she could not come to work because she hit a squirrel with her car and was too emotionally distraught to continue driving into work... I wish I was making this stuff up but apparently that's a valid reason for not coming to work when you are a manager...

:blink: :blink: :wacko:


Poor squirrel, but, she should have come in...

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Yes I was.... (or once EOD always EOD in my book....)

cool dat...I once considered it for the AF

Been in for probably too long or (or am too old at 43 to switch now...)

dare I ask why you got out of it?  end of enlistment, etc...curious as it seem like one of those jobs ya just do forever as not much else could compare.  I know computers are super exciting... :mellow:, but...

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