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Business Use and Licensing

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A friend of mine and I recently started working for a small computer repair business in our city. They initially told us about how important licensing is to them, "we won't work on pcs with pirated software." This was repeated time and time again, fast forward to the virus removal and scanning "training." It was to both of our surprise they they were using "freeware" to do this and charging the client a premium. One of the tools they use daily is Malwarebytes, free edition. Maybe it's a brand loyalty thing for my friend and I, but the company using one of our all-time favorites pieces of software without at the minimum, paying for the licensed/Pro version upset us both. 

We have been discussing if what we should do about this. I say that even if they were using your Business Edition, the intention is that you are using to clean the pc it is installed on. Not to use to profit for a virus/malware removal. I believe that would be questionable as far as your licensing TOA/TOS is concerned. I do not think it's the intent of Malwarebytes to allow others to directly profit from your software, am I wrong?


What can or should we do about this? We are long times fans of your software. Just think if you are going to charge people upwards of $89 an hour (for 2 hours) of virus removal, and Malwarebytes is a big part of that process, I dunno maybe Malwarebytes should get some love to. Thanks for you ear, keep up your fantastic work.

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Thank you anonymous02. You are right, we don't currently permit usage of our products in a "for profit" service environment such as what you described. We are working on a solution for small tech shops like this and hope to have something to share by late summer. Thank you for "watching our back" in the meantime. Your ongoing loyalty and support is greatly appreciated.



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Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I feel this question belongs here :)


I am in a similar situation.

Where I work we need a software to scan inhouse computers that might have been infected.


I understand we should not use the free version for this.


The usage will be non profit for us.

Install on infected client, scan and then uninstall.


Is it as you say, we too should wait for your solution for tech shop like situations?


Best regards


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Hi Celee,


Again, we are in a great need for this.

Is it somehow possible to get some kind of "OK" to use the regular business for our in-house computers (non profit)?

As I wrote we would install mbam do the scan then uninstall, and after that repeat on any other computer that we see the need to do it at.


My colleges need an "OK" for this kind of usage, as I understand that following the licensagreement this usage is not okay.

When the tech license is available we would switch over to that one for our technicians.



If someone need to contact me about this I can be reached at: patrik.brann(at)mpa.se


Thank you!



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Hi Patrik,


I forwarded your request to our European office. They will follow up with you.

Our product cannot be used as you describe. It's also very inconvenient and honestly, not best practice.


Malware comes in many forms and Malwarebytes can remove virtually all of it. But some malware, even malware that may be easy to remove, can do damage that is not repairable. Even after the malware has been removed, your valuable data could be damaged or completely inaccessible. Besides running a regular backup (like Malwarebytes Secure backup), it is far better to prevent malware in the first place rather than clean up afterward.



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