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free version auto-update

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I have the free version of Malware Bytes, and for a few weeks ive been getting the pop up saying ' your malware bytes is expired by x days'. Just now I came back to my computer and it was in the processes of being updated.

I didn't click on anything and never agreed to it (not that I mind), but from what I can see online, there is no auto update for the new version.


Has this happened before? No one else had access to my computer so no one else could have updated it.


Im just a bit concerned as to how this could have happened if there is no automatic update for my version.


Please advise.


Thanks in advance for your help. I hope this is nothing serious.

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Hello and welcome, villa123: :)


It sounds as if the free, 14-day trial of MBAM PRO that was part of your initial installation has expired (if you did not opt out of the trial during installation, then it was activated by default).

If you wish to revert to the Free version -- with no reminders about upgrading to PRO -- please refer to the instructions here: I keep getting notified that my trial has expired, how do I revert to the free version?


FWIW, the PRO version is a great deal.

The added value of real-time protection helps keep your computer safe.

In addition, the PRO version offers many other added features, such as the ability to schedule updates/scans, & incremental updates.

Moreover, current consumer, home licenses are valid as a one-time, lifetime, transferable purchase -- no renewal!


Hope this helps,



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Hi, thanks for your reply.


I am not sure.


It says malware bytes anti malware built on 4th April this year. However, just after the update earlier today it had todays date and a time of around 11am.


Why would this have changed date also. It definitely had todays date earlier.


Any other reason as to why it automatically started updating also to this version. I definitely didn't click on anything.

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Did you look at the KB topic for which I provided the link in my earlier reply? :)


The 14-day trial of MBAM  PRO is enabled by default when you install MBAM Free.

So, if you did not select to "opt out" of that trial during the installation, it would have started.

At the end of the 14-days, the PRO trial expires and the program returns to the Free version functionality as an on-demand scanner only.


While the software/program version is only updated a few times a year, the database/definitions are updated 10 or more times a day.

Without logs or screenshots, it's not clear to me exactly what you're describing (program updates vs. database updates). :(


If you would like to revert to the Free version, without the popup reminders about the expired PRO trial, please follow the steps described >>HERE<<.

((Please note: it's VERY important to manually check for database updates each time before you scan with MBAM Free, as explained >>HERE<<.))


Please let us know if that resolves your issue.

If it doesn't, we'll go to the next step.... :)





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hi thanks, I looked and it says database version: v2013.07.05.01 is this relevant? It may be that it was a database update?


Now when Ive logged on the computer it says 'you are no longer protected..'. Does this mean that even the free version functionality isn't working?


could this 'update' today just been that it was going from the pro version back to the free version? It had said earlier and for the last few days that mines was outdated by 20 something days, why then would it revert back now all of a sudden?



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Update version:  v2013.07.05.01


Decoded that means the date; July 5, 2013

Revision;  01 for that day.


As the day progresses and you download new updates, FOR THAT DAY, the number increments. { 02, 03, 04 ...10, 11, etc }


On July 6th you'll see;  v2013.07.06.01, v2013.07.05.02, v2013.07.05.03, etc


This has nothing to do with "hacking".

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Hi, villa123: :)


We seem to be going around in circles here a bit. :(


Let's see if we can simplify things, so that we can better help you.


MBAM Free does NOT provide active or real-time protection for your computer.

It is a manual, on-demand scanner ONLY.

MBAM Free also does not have automatic/scheduled updating of the program or the database.

That is why one needs to manually check for updates before running a scan (so that you will have the most up-to-date set of malware definitions for the scan).

EDIT: Thanks, DHL, for the detailed clarification of the database numbering system. ;)


If you >>>>CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE<<<, it will show you what I **think** you are seeing on your computer.



>>>If you would be so kind, please answer this 1 question with a "YES" or a "NO":  Do you want to return to MBAM Free on your computer?


We will go from there....


Thank you very much for your patience, :)



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