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Need lots of Help, I am a newbie and I have a virus! (I think?)

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I started having problems with my PC. I use AVG and it started popping up with trojans detected. I would delete them and then as soon as I would delete them they would pop up again. Then I noticed after the computer has run for awhile my internet would stop working, programs would not respond or open up. I would press CTRL ALT DEL and a window pops up telling me it can't open. So I tried to go and RESTORE the computer but I no longer have any restore points. I checked my firewall to see if that was operating and it was set to off and I cannot turn it on.

After visiting some forums I found the Malwarebytes', downloaded and run the program. The first time I ran a quick scan the program crashed and told me it needed to close. A couple of seconds later another window popped up telling me that "Dr. Watson postmortem debugger has encountered a problem and needs to close". When I tried to run the program again it kept telling me that it was already running. After opening up Task manager and checking, nothing showed up.

I restarted the computer and ran the program again. This time it finished scanning and then I clicked on delete. As the program was deleting it crashed again! This time no other messages appeared. So I decide to try it one more time and as it was scanning the program crashed again and the Dr. Watson error message appeared. What is going on!? Can anyone help me?

I use windows XP an I am not computer illiterate nor am I a professional.

Thanks Everyone!

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Please follow these instructions (skipping any steps you are unable to complete) for posting in our Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs forum. If you cannot follow any of those steps, then please create a new topic in that forum explaining what happened when you tried to run each of the tools in the instructions, and the expert who helps you will be able to suggest steps to take to get the tools working.

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