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all OVH IP(France) seems blocked


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This night, all of a sudden , all the IP from the most important French hosting company (OVH) were blocked by MBAM.

Including several web sites i manage and the  main web site of this provider  (manager , forum etc...)

0200    CLIENT    Christophe_2    IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 51530, Process: firefox.exe)

0200    CLIENT    Christophe_2    IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 51510, Process: firefox.exe)

0200    CLIENT    Christophe_2    IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 51481, Process: firefox.exe)

0200    CLIENT    Christophe_2    IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing, Port: 50114, Process: firefox.exe) ...


Same thing on an other instance of MBAM on my server.


At least, on the first 3 Ips, (my web sites) i know for sure there is no malware nor any dangerous file.


That's kind of a terrific false positive, can-you imagine !!!!!


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It is not the first time that you block OVH's IPs.

Really ? A mistake of this importance can be forgiven once, not two !

It is exactly like to block all IPs from godaddy

I have not found a simple way via the GUY to add wild cards to the exclude list, neither to edit-it directly.

I uninstall MBAM forever, it is not serious.

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OVH mail servers got blocked around 15:00 CET today as well.


It's rather disappointing that there's no action from MBAM for over 12 hours on these posts (none that I know of anyway). I thought they were applauded for their fast reaction to new threats. Not to false positives, it seems.

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