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Hello everyone,

I was directed to this forum by the customer support, so hopefully it's the right place to post it...

I am the administrator of IdentityCloaker.com. A few of our customers reported a problem when running our Identity Cloaker client application and MalwareBytes on their PC. It seems 3 of our IPs are on the Malwarebytes blacklist, the reason is unknown, it's possible they were indeed abused by some users in the past or by the previous administrator of the IP ranges.

Our application measures the ping response time to all servers and these 3 IPs trigger a warning when running the ping, in Malwarebytes:

How do I remove these IPs from the blacklist? Just to clarify - there are no websites running on these IPs, they are all used by VPN servers only.





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OK, it's taking really long and it's harming our business. I need the mentioned IPs to be removed from the malwarebytes database as it's currently giving our users the impression there is something bad done by us intentionally. Is there no central authority at malwarebytes.org I could speak to?

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MysteryFCM: Thanks! If you want, I can also send you a full version of our application(s) so that you can check for yourself how it works and why the alarm might have been triggered. Just contact me at admin@identitycloaker.com or via PM (if it's supported by this forum).

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