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User Added Apps, Exclusions? New Apps Auto-Added?


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In viewing the screenshots at Softpedia, under the Shields tab how is the third-party listing populated?  System scan at install?  Anti-Exploit hard coded defaults?  Is a user permitted to add a process or an exe path?

How are exclusions added?  Entering a path to an exe or selecting from a list of running processes?

Would MBAE protect, say, Google Chrome installed on another partition?  That is, not in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)?  How about Firefox installed by Haller's Portableapps in, say, C:\Portables or run off a USB stick?

I can't see the whole list in that screenshot, but assuming Silverlight's not there, would it be auto-added when installed?

Can you provide a link to a Help page or post up a chm file for download?

Thank you!

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  • Staff

Application shields are hard-coded into MBAE. For now there's no option to add new application shields. We are adding them based on prevalence of the application and whether it is attacked in the wild.


Once MBAE blocks an exploit payload, it will show up in the LOG tab of the GUI. From there you can select it and choose "Exclude" so it won't be blocked anymore.


Yes, MBAE would protect these apps even if they are installed in a different partition or %ProgramFiles% folder.


No, we don't shield Silverlight just yet. See above for criteria for adding new shields.


Don't have a help or chm file yet. We are building a new GUI for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and it should be included there once it is released.

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