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Error during Update

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Was updating the current version last night ang got an error message,malwarebytes has encounterd a problem and need to close.The details were in the event viewer as follows:

Faulting application mbam.exe, version

faulting module mbamnet.dll, version


I restarted my PC then it updated fine,any help would be cool guys and gals,I use XP SP2

Thanks Rod

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Thanks Ron but that will not happed as my windows update

is broken-would have to do a repair install which I choose not

to do,but has that problem I mentioned ever happened before to

anyone?I have never had any problems with mbam??

Thanks Kindly for the advice Ron.........


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  • Root Admin

I don't think you would have to do a repair install to fix Windows update but even if you had to, in the long run it would certainly make your computer safer.

Using an antivirus and MBAM is great but there are many exploits that have been fixed in SP3 as well as many critical updates since the release of SP3


Its your computer and your decision but then I would highly suggest you have all important data backed up to an external resource as relying on external software to shore up the exploits in Windows is a cat and mouse game and sooner or later they will miss some type of threat that the updates could have prevented.


If you'd like assistance in trying to repair your Windows Update (SP3 should not rely on that anyways - you can download the stand alone installer for that) please let us know and we can try to fix that for you.


Thanks again

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Hi Ron

Thanks for the offer but my machine is older and I am planning

to get a new one soon-have not had a virus using the current

conditions in over 3 years! I use clamwin portable as well so

I know I am safe-updated mbam twice today with no more errors.

I have 2 usb mass storage drives and I backup everything so thanks

for your concern,I am slightly mentally disabled so it would be too

hard to upgrade to SP3 as I could not do an SFC,I can now as I have

my i386 folder on my machine with the registry pointing to it so I

dont have to use the disc,my computer flys-it is really fast and I

dont worry about it-if I told you what version of IE I am using you

would freak out! LOL....Thanks Again

Kind Regards


PS never had a blue screen of death and I scan the drive for errors

weekly as well as defrag,I also have a windows ME machine that is

still going strong after 13 years!!I talked to a tech years ago from

HP and his secret was always defrag and check for errors daily.

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