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System Restore, Internet, Icons and program Shortcuts Missing

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Hi, I am posting from another P.C.


Last night while doing some general work on my laptop, not installing anything or deleting, I clicked on the Folder, C:/Documents and Settings/All users and at that point the folder and many others disappeared.


After a bit of messing with folder view (i.e. show hidden folders, a couple of the desktop icons appear in ghost form), but are absent from the programs shortcut list, and there are still various folders missing.


I decided to carry out a system restore but that program is also missing from the Accessories shortcut....


I then decided to use the internet for a solution, but the laptop has lost all wi-fi settings, when i try to re-enter the wi-fi details, I get an error : internal database error occurred when saving/updating the profile.


I have run a system scan and remove 2 virus' as well as run Malawarebytes Anti-Malaware which removed 6 more but I cannot update it as I have no internet connection.


Can you help

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No worries, stick with the other topic and your helper will get it all worked out for you....

In the meantime I see you posted HERE, but you have been replying to your own topic several times, please refrain from doing so, as the helpers will think someone is already helping you and your topic will be overlooked.  They look for topics with 0 replies and since yours shows it has 2 replies its being over looked possibly... I will notify one of the Admins/Mods to look into it.


Also please stop running tools on the computer as it could make things worst.... Wait for a an expert to direct you...


Thanks for understanding....

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