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[SOLVED] VLC autoupdate, Log tab problem


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Downloaded and installed MAE, went to test VLC with MAE and a VLC poped saying new version. I let VLC download the new version then install it when MAE blocked it.

Here is the report-


2013-06-21 19:06:38 - Alert MessageBox from (6864)C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe
2013-06-21 19:06:39 - vlc-2.0.7-win64.exe blocked from executing through VLC Player.



Also I am able to end MAE through task manager very easily. Is MAE going to have self protection?

When I do this and reopen MAE the logs tab is cleared, is this intentional?




 ~ StrongWind

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  • Staff

The VLC update alert is expected as it performs upgrades in similar manner as how exploits work. We are working to improve this in a generic manner.

However if you replicate it you should be able to choose the block event from the LOG tab and choose "Exclude" to exclude it from further blocks. Then you will be able to run the update again and it will work ok.

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