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[SOLVED] Not working at all on IE10


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After install IE10 failed to open with exploit warning. Desk top icon would not open GUI and no tray Icon. Program uninstalled,  but had to reboot to get IE10 working again.


Seems a lot more work needs to be done before general beta testing.

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My take on things:


Clicking the Desktop Icon activates the Tray Icon.    If it does not show,   Go to customize your notification area and change Mbae to; 

Show Icon and Notifications

Then open the GUI from the tray icon=Right click>> Show Mbae .   CLicking the Desktop icon does not open the GUI


This is on a win 7 HP 32 bit mounted in a VB



Any other issues seem to be 64 bit related

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  • Staff


Has stopped IE10 crash, however, desk top short cut does not open GUI and no tray icon, so cant get to GUI or settings.

Uninstalled again

This is due to the known bug "traybar icon disappears". You can't open it again as it is actually already running even though no icon shows. You can kill the mbae.exe process and the run it again to get the GUI back.
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