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Hello Wilpower. Glad to see you made your way here. Hope you can still help out around here, will be much appreciated.

Anytime I can.

Thanks again. Been using MBam Pro for years, and 'Z' from early beginning. ;)

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I, always, have been using MBAM since it came out. Been happy with it since. Please feel free to PM or post any issues. Thank you for your support.

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Be glad to help continue with the beta testing as well. I've also been a "long time user" of Malwarebytes Free as an additional on-demand malware scanning tool. Always loved MB and it has saved my bacon on more than one occasion! I'm pretty excited about this merger. I think only good things will come of it!


On another note: I hope that Anti-Exploit (ExploitShield) remains as a stand-alone application and a free version is still offered to the general public. If it's incorporated into Malwarebytes Pro a lot of folks will never get to utilize the awsome & innovative anti-exploit features it offers. Just my thoughts for what it's worth.


Best wishes, Ritchie...


P.S. - Sorry for the really outdated signature. It's been some time since I last posted here at this forum. I seem to be locked out of being able to change it until I make several more posts. I've contacted an Admin to have it deleted for me if it's possible.

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