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i'm new to this forum and i was wondering are there any FAQ or Rules page around here?

I wanted to take a look at some of the malware samples but i think i can't download it.

Not sire whether is it because there are some subscription involved or is it because i don't have enough posts to download it or it's being removed.

I hope someone here can let me know. :D


[ Gunther ]

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EDIT: OOPS! AdvancedSetup beat me to it. Feel free to delete this post! ;)

Hello and welcome to the forum, Gunther! :)

As far as malware samples are concerned, unfortunately access to such samples is only provided to members of the Malware Hunters group and higher.

This pinned topic >>HERE<< explains how to submit samples for analysis as a prerequisite for possible invitation to join that group.

There is additional helpful information >>HERE<<.

Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy your stay here at the forum!


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