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Question: How to run MalwareBytes just for scanning files alongside Norton and not Firewall

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I tried running MalwareBytes fully with Norton also installed.

It appears my machine might have been even less secure as both applications provide firewall security linked to the standard Windows Firewall. But in my case the Windows Firewall was not enabled because of the clash between both programs.

So my plan now is to have Norton fully running but use MalwareBytes for just scanning files downloaded.


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First I've heard of any firewall clash from them. Do you have logs showing this is happening? I even have my wife's computer setup with both and she has not experienced any such issue.

[EDIT to add further information]

Just to add some clarification here.

1. We do not run any type of firewall with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, we only use a Web Blocker that is nothing like a real firewall

2. I'm reasonably certain that Norton has their own code library for their Firewall, but also pretty sure that both of us tie into the underlying Bases Filtering Engine API routines for certain functionality.

So when I say there is no conflict - well its impossible for us to conflict on the Firewall as we don't have or use one. We make a call to built in BFE and block access to certain known bad site IP is all. Norton which has a full on firewall does so much more but by calling the built-in API routine it handles the call not us, which would prevent a conflict.

Hopefully that explains a little better what I meant by my first reply.

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Good news: I can confirm on my own setup that Malwarebytes Pro and Norton work OK with each other; neither interferes with the other regarding the firewall it seems. My screenshots show before and after installing MalwareBytes pro and that the Firewall is still enabled and managed by Norton as before.

1 of 2: before malwarebytes pro install:

Norton managing windows firewall and it is enabled:


2 of 2: After installing MalwareBytes Pro - Firewall settings fine - unaffected - same as before - still enabled:


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