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Barnes & Noble slashes Nook HD prices ($100+ OFF) for Summer Reading...


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NEWS FLASH: "With the fantastic success of our Father's Day promotion, we decided to extend the great prices on NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ to help our customers gear up for a great summer reading season," Jamie Iannone, President of NOOK Media, said in a press release, Monday, June 17.

Barnes & Noble slashes Nook HD prices for one week
The Father's Day deals are even better than they were leading up to Mother's Day, with the Nook HD at $129 and the Nook HD+ at $149. (That's $120 off the normal 16GB price :))

by Rick Broida
June 10, 2013 5:11 AM PDT


The 8.9-inch Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ is a steal at $149.

(Credit: Barnes & Noble)


Remember last month, when Barnes & Noble chopped Nook HD and Nook HD+ prices the week leading up to Mother's Day? Turns out they like Dad a little more.

This week only, you can get the Nook HD (8GB) 7-inch tablet for $129 shipped and the Nook HD+ (16GB) 8.9-inch tablet for $149 shipped (plus sales tax in most states).

Those are unprecedented deals, especially considering that these are new units, not refurbs. The Nook HD normally sells for $199; the Nook HD+, for $269.

I've written about both these models before, and you can learn everything you need to know in CNET's reviews (Nook HD|NookHD+). So I'll dispense with the usual overview and just go straight to my recommendation.

Which is this: Buy one! The Nooks may lack cameras and GPS, but they offer gorgeous high-resolution screens, microSD slots for memory expansion, Bluetooth for pairing with keyboards and speakers, and, following a recent update, Google Play compatibility. (More...)

See the deal (and a review link) at: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13845_3-57588445-58/barnes-noble-slashes-nook-hd-prices-for-one-week


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I got the Nook color just about a year ago and there is no way I could live without it, I use it every single day (reading is my addiction). Even though I absolutely don't need a new one this deal was too good to pass up so my new one will be here tomorrow. Not sure if anyone is aware but, there is a Nook Android App so if you own a Nook you can also download all your books to your phone and read anywhere. Never would have known about this deal without your link "Shy", thanks!

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Don't forget to download the latest software 2.1.0 to it while it charges.. I've got mine setup but have to figure out tomorrow how to download electronic books from my local Library. It comes (after the update) with the Android Ap you're talking about. The screen and lettering is super-duper HD but with my eyes I'm going to have to reset my fonts to a larger set. :) I can use my Netflix account thru the Chrome browser as well.. Pandora (with ads) is also standard for music.



NOTE: $120 off deal ends the 16th..

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I'll be a newbie to the Nook HD+

what is this " the latest software 2.1.0"

I placed my order last Sunday. And it appears the sale is still going on.

Q: what are you'all putting on for security apps? any advice?




It automatically checks for updates to its software; it comes with a earlier version but during initial registration and NOOK setup it downloads the update for you. I haven't put any security on it yet BUT there are several security apps in the NOOK store to purchase ($1.99 on up)


A side note; the unit will only charge while ON or in SLEEP mode.. If you hold down the power switch for 10 seconds or so, you can turn it OFF *but* it will NOT charge while in the totally OFF condition. The 10 hour battery life seems fairly accurate. I got the 32GB model and I'm barely making a dent in it. I can add 32GB more later (slot) but doubt I will need to.


Your NOOK automatically has cloud backup at B&N for everything on it as well as settings. The processor keeps up with streaming, full-color, HD Netflix but I suggest either a bluetooth enabled external speaker or earphones as the sound in most instances is not loud - audible but can't be really cranked up.


You need to download Adobe Digital Edition on your computer if you ever want to download books from your local library and then transfer them to your NOOK because of the way DRM is set up.


PS: You will be amazed at the screen definition - very sharp and colors are VIVID..




The DEAL was only supposed to last thru Father's Day, the 16th, but I just checked and the "sale through 6/16/2013" is missing altho'  the banner on the Nook says for a limited time but the price is still $120 off..

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Hulu Plus, yes. see the Nook store.

They also tout hundreds of thousands of available Android apps thru Googleplay.


what would be the recommended spec (ie, quality) on getting a microSD memory card?




Amazon has 513 cards that'll fit the NOOK slot and 32GB runs around $20 average from name brand manufacturers.. (Some are as low as $7 but you usually get what you pay for at that price :))

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BTW: Concerning charging on the Nook HD Plus; it comes with a USB to 30 pin cable.. The USB cable connects to the computers for file/book transfers BUT will NOT charge the Nook via USB 2.0/3.0 power.. The USB end of the 30 pin cable plugs into a special USB socketed wall power adapter for charging.


A bad thing about the NOOK screen is smears and fingerprints.. If one buys any accessories one should consider screen protectors and a Nook leather/cloth/hard-pak "folder" for storage.



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Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ specs
  • Type 9 in,
    TFT active matrix
  • Display Resolution 1920 x 1280 ( 256 ppi )
  • Touchscreen Yes
  • Operating System Android 4.0.3
  • Processor Texas Instruments,
  • Processor Clock Speed 1.5 GHz
  • Number of Cores Dual-Core
  • Flash Memory 16 GB,
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Total User Available Memory 13 GB
  • Supported Flash Memory Cards microSD,
  • Max Supported Capacity 32 GB
  • Wireless Connectivity 802.11b/g/n
  • Security Protocols & Features WPA2,
EBook Reader
  • Supported Text Formats EPUB,
  • Supported Still Image Formats PNG,
  • Graphics PowerVR SGX544
  • Supported Digital Video Formats MPEG-4,
  • Audio Microphone , Stereo speakers
  • Supported Digital Audio Formats AAC,
Expansion and Connectivity
  • Expansion Slot(s) 1 x microSD
  • Interfaces 1 x Headphones,
    1 x HDMI,
    1 x USB
  • HDMI Port Yes
  • Run Time Details Book reading - up to 10 hour(s),
    Video playback - up to 9 hour(s)
MiscellaneousDimensions & Weight
  • Width 6.4 in
  • Depth 0.45 in
  • Height 9.45 in
  • Weight 1.13 lbs



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You're not collecting finder's fees are you, Shy? <ROTFL and JK>


Geez, you might even sucker me into this deal, at this rate. :)


Security-wise, Maurice, I run Kaspersky Mobile Security (KMS) on my Android smart phone.  No problems with it on that device, but I don't have a tablet with which to compare.

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  • Root Admin

I have a normal tablet but too big to carry around as a reader for me. This is a nice deal overall but with continued indicators that B&N has troubles - as do many bookstores, a bit shy about a purchase. So no finders fee for you from me on this one for now Shy... Will have to see what's available maybe more around Christmas time.

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It does sound like a sweet deal, but I think I will just continue reading my books on my iPad....


$599 (iPAD) versus $179 (NOOK HD+) to read books and stream HDTV.. I dunno Firefox.. I'm living on Social Security and read (used to read) hardcopy books from my local library (I actually prefer the feel of a real book) but the price drop was too big of a tease and pushed me over the edge to electronic books and the reading thereof..




EDIT: My daughter and son-in-law have iPADs, Kindle HD 9" and various laptops and I've had a chance to look at all in action. If I was flush with $$$, I might have made a different decision..

Edited by ShyWriter
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I my case, my iPad is provided to me as a tool from my work (great perk) so cost was not an issue....


I won't tell you the piece of junk Xerox provided me for when I worked.. Minimum everything.. (speed, memory, etc)  ;)


Sounds like your work has very nice perks. :)

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Yes too many to name.... its a GREAT place to work....


Laugh.. I guess I'll have to wait for your autobiography, @FF, to see how a dust eating EOD "Master Blaster" went from camo and C4/RDX/wire-cutters to a sweet job with great benefits working on computers and networks. ;)


To stay on topic; does ANYONE know of a way to PRINT to a networked printer from a NOOK or KINDLE with an APP or perhaps an interface via an Android APP on the NOOK??




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You are too funny Steve.... LOL

A quick Google search I saw this....

If you press the volume down key and then hit the n key at the same time, you save a screenshot to /media/Screenshots.

That file is visible to your computer when you plug the NC in and you can print the screenshot from there.

Also, many newer printers now come with an email-to-print function, so if you have one of those, set that email address up in your contact list and you can try sending anything you can share by email (often available as a menu choice) to that address for printing.

I don't use one of those myself, so I don't know how flexible the functionality really is.

If you are using a rooted nc or cm7, search the market for 'print,' as there are a number of apps out there that plug into the email-to-print services from HP, Google, and others to automate (and possibly improve) on that.

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Thanks Firefox.. I'll try that. I know it kind of defeats the purpose of an e-Reader but I wanted to print out a hard-copy of the NOOK Manual. :D


As for the other thing, I guess after the stress of your earlier livelihood, dealing with today's demanding customers is a walk in the park.. *wry grin*  I know I didn't miss my customers after I retired.. and my stress levels are 99% lower.. (Except when the female half of my family yammers on and on about nothing.. :lol::D:lol: )


Cheers my friend; you're a better-than-OK person in my book.



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Well I am sure you can find the manual for your Nook online someplace and just print it from your computer.....


Thanks for the nice words....


By the way, I know its for an iPad but you may try looking for something like what I use for my iPad for printing like FingerPrint works great for all my iDevices..... Maybe you can find something similar for your Nook....

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