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Understanding Autoruns/weird flash dl problem

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Hi, I recently dl the SysinternalsSuite and found a few of the apps don't run... I don't care too much as I only really wanted to use the Autoruns to see what it showed, but I thought I should mention it in case the dl files need fixing.

What I would like to know however, is the purpose of the colour coding of some of the entries; yellow seems obvious, as it says ''file not found'', but red/pink gives no clue, and I can't find any reference to it in the help files. I wonder if my occasional internet connectivity issues may be related to some of the missing files, as some seem to be related to various aspects of IP.

I also have a strange problem when playing a particular flash game (yes yes, I have no life), namely that it has started to download much more data that it used to. I keep a careful eye on such things as I use a pre-pay MBB dongle for my internet and my data allowance is miniscule. It seemed to start after I had a power outage while playing the game, so I am wondering if maybe it caused a corruption of my flash plug-in? It doesn't do it with any other flash games.

I run Vista Home Premium SP2, Avast free, MBAM free, MBAR beta, and I keep them up to date and in fact just finished scans before I posted here, with no threats found, and I also ran CCleaner so the issue isn't in the browser cache.

Hope someone has an idea!

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