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Ilivid Download Manager

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I've been using MBAM since you first created the program, and I also have MBAM PRO installed on my mother's PC, with Filesystem Protection and Malicious Website Blocking enabled. Anyway, my 9 year old nephew was looking around on the internet, and last night I thought I would check to make sure everything was okay, and noticed Ilivid Download Manager was installed, along with Torch and various other shortcuts created on the desktop. MBAM did not block its installation and when I ran a scan, no results came up. Judging by what I've heard on the net about this program causing browser redirects, (including your own blog: http://blog.malwarebytes.org/intelligence/2012/12/misleading-advertising/ ), shouldn't this at least be classified as a PUP?

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Unfortunately many of these applications are very legal and have End User License Agreements that one has to click to agree to so we cannot label a program as malware or PUP when the user has agreed to its installation.

Now for those applications that come with others as a ride along or simply install without the users knowledge then yes we do flag them as PUP and depending on what it is we'd simply stop it at the door as malware.

I think we all have younger or sometimes even older users on our systems that don't pay attention. For family members educating them to not just click through an install would be time well spent. Every install regardless of who its from I would recommend either a Custom or Advanced install. In that case these other programs are shown and one is given the opportunity to opt out. For those where there is no opt out then yes we should be detecting those and if you have proof of one please let us know and we'll review it. With millions of programs out on the Internet we certainly can't test every single one ourselves.

If you have the time you can watch this video on creating a bootable CD that shows a well respected CD burning program that is now using toolbars as a method to obtain income for their free program. User education will help to keep your computer in good shape. No product can find and stop everything out there especially when the user agrees to it.

Please do not create and use this Rescue Disk on your own. There are often false positives and I'm only showing this as a demonstration of why one should not just choose Easy or Automated installs. Using this disk to check or clean your system without supervision can potentially cause harm to your computer.

How to create the Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 CD

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Until Ron Returns....

Yes fake anti-virus programs are blocked. As for keyloggers, there are many of them out there that are also legit so they would not be targeted by Malwarebytes either as long as they are from a legit company and have EULA's....

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