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I just installed the 30 day trial. I left the default policy but changed a copy of things after I deployed the client. I see the icon on the tray but when I right click I have the ability to make changes, like I can uncheck Start with Windows. I DO NOT want the users to be able to change anything. I have now changed to silent mode but do not really understand the difference between silent mode and Limited User Mode. I also changed in the policy to Disable website blocking but when I right click on a client PC Website blocking is checked. After the update to the policy I went to Deployment and added the groups I created and did Deploy now. The policy does not seem to be getting updated. Any help is appreciated.

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Hello ZyART,


Thank you for you inquiry. In regards to your question about Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition, please review the following details regarding the Silent Mode and Limited user Mode settings in the Protection Settings tab:


> Silent Mode will remove the Malwarebytes icon from the taskbar active applications (right corner) and eliminates interaction by the user. All actions are run in the background. (balloon alerts for any IP blocks, malicious website detections, and malicious items are not seen by the user)


> Limited User Mode limits the options that are available in the context menu when the Malwarebytes icon in the taskbar (active applications) is right-clicked. All that will appear is Start Scanner, Check for Updates.

When no Advanced option are selected, the context menu will show all items giving the user the ability to enable or disable them. Option in the menu are: FileSystem Protection, Website Blocking, Start with Windows, Start Scanner, Check for Updates, Exit.


> Auto Quarantine will automatically quarantine flagged items detected as malicious


> Disable website blocking will not flag and block any websites detected as malicious.


> Startup Delay will set a timed delay for the MEE services to start up on the clients when they are rebooted or being logged into.


Note: The advanced settings require a client restart if turned on/off after protection module is already enabled.





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