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Having Trouble Figuring Out How To Install Printer Software

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Im trying to install software for my printer from the CD and the instructions keep telling me it should pop up to install but nothing happens when I put in the CD. When I open it in Computer, it just shows lots of files and folders and Im not sure which one Im supposed to run...

When I Right-Click and select 'Open AutoPlay...', it just comes up with this:


BD-RE Drive (D:) HP DJ3520

General Options-------------------

Open Files and Folders

using Windows Explorer

Veiw more AutoPlay options in Control Panel

When I click on 'Open Files and Folders using Windows Explorer,' it just shows me the files and folders.

I don't know it AutoPlay doesn't have to right optian for the disk or what..

Printer: HP Deskjet 3520

Computer: Windows 7 64-bit


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place the cd in the drive and let windows "find" it . close any pop-ups .

open "my computer" , then double click the cd/dvd drive icon .

tale a look at the list of stuff on the disk ...

look for an icon/folder labeled "install.exe" (or similar) , with the emphasis on "exe" .

of course , choose the windows flavor .

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EDIT: MS made security changes to autorun/autoplay for Win7/8, which might partially explain why your HP install disk doesn't run?


In any event....

In addition to CWB's excellent & expert advice, HP generally recommends that you install their printer software/drivers from their online driver store.

Especially if this is not a "latest" model printer (& even if it is), then there is likely a version of the software at their driver page that is more current than your CD.

There are several useful links at their support pages.

Start here:



There's even a wizard tool to find the best driver for Win7/8:


If the printer is still in warranty, their phone support is actually pretty decent.

If it's not in warranty, but still supported, I think they still offer fee-based phone support.

In my experience over many years with their printers, I've actually found them to be quite knowledgeable and helpful.

ALSO: You can sign up with them for ink/toner at discounted prices. Their ink is generally better (fresher), and it's often cheaper (they send discount coupons all the time) than what you'll find in the office supply/big-box retailers. Shipping is free (mine arrive on my doorstep typically the day after I order).

Their profit margin derives from the ink, not from the hardware. So they do expend some effort to streamline the process for customers.



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