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HTTPS for Malwarebytes Login and Forums.

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Hello! :)

I noticed when signing in with my credentials for the Malwarebytes forums there is no encryption (HTTPS).

When I tried using HTTPS it does not work and I get an error, same with using the forums with HTTPS, except with the forums it does work but distorts the page.

I figured in the world today with malware and other internet threats on the rise, having some kind of encryption when signing in and using the forums would be a plus. :)

I know, I know, the forums at Malwarebytes may not exactly be a big target for someone to want to steal your credentials, but hey, better safe than sorry right? :)

I would just like to see some form of encryption when logging in and using the forums, like what Gmail does for there online mail service, its encrypted when logging in and stays encrypted when viewing email.

Thanks for reading my suggestion. :D

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It's very possible I have misunderstood but I have no problem signing on or reading the Forums here with HTTPS://




NOTE Don't know it makes a difference but I'm using FF21.0 with the HTTPS EVERYWHERE extension..

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Weird. :blink:

When I try it, it literally distorts the page and when I do try and click on anything on the forum when I do that, it goes right back to HTTP *shrugs*.

The only browser I use is Google Chrome, its the latest version 27.0.1453.110 m.

Maybe it is Chrome, I don't know, however, any other HTTPS site works just fine.

Oh well, what can you do. Thank you ShyWriter for pointing that. :)

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