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MWB Enterprise suggestions

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I have been using Malwarebytes Enterprise for about a week and love it. I do however have a few suggestions

  1. My first suggestion has already been suggested in the this thread. Being able to receive an email about an infected machine, a machine that has not communicated in a while, with out of data definitions or an older version etc would be an immense help. While the admin console should still be checked regularly, it would not have to be on the daily "to do list"
  2. In the reports, once a report has been clicked on to expand or zoom in on it, clicking on any part of the report should zoom in further. IE if I click on the Daily threat Detections, I should then be able to click on a day in the graph which would then display the machines and the threats detected.
  3. The information that is presented when a client is selected, IE the system, domain/workgroup, user logged in etc, under last scan result I would like to know the type of scan, IE whether or not it was a quick, full or flash scan.
  4. An option to reboot/shutdown a remote client and an option to send a message to a client system under the right click menu. Even if the message was not a custom message.
  5. As some Malware have the ability to change the proxy and dns settings a notification when these settings have been changed would be a great help

That is all I have for now. Over all I love Malwarebytes Enterprise, and which I learned about it sooner

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