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Adobe Reader X 10.1.1 Update Trojan not being removed by full scan

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Each day in the notification area I am getting a message to update my Adobe Reader, however I believe this is a Virus or Trojan as when I click the link it wants to download non-Adobe software. Have searched Google and it appears there is a Trojan. Ran Malwarebytes Full scan (fully up to date) and it detected 5 various Adobe components which I quarantined. It then rebooted the system, and I thought all solved. But today the notification pop-up has appeared, so I still have the problem. System is Win XP SP3 32bit.

I searched this forum but couldnt find anything related to this Trojan, also there isnt much on the Google hits, so I am at a loss what to do now. Help!.

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Last time I followed the Malware removal instructions it took me weeks to get my PC back together having disabled so much of it. After having near destroyed my PC in the process I finally realised myself what the issue was having been told by the MWB expert my router was infected. I would only go through that process again as a last resort and we arent at last resort status yet.

Could someone please just look and see if there are any internal notes regarding an Adobe Reader Updater Virus/Trojan. IF I have it then what I am seeing from Google searches is that its quite old, 2009 era, so should be handled by the normal scan of Malwarebytes. Thank you.

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FYI: Adobe Reader is now at v11.0.3

For anyone that may be interested ADOBE UPDATES are tracked by myself, daledoc1 and David (H. Lipman) in General Software Updates which is a sub-Forum of the Malwarebytes ForumsSoftware Updates and Alerts forums... The posted ADOBE links are official and virus-free.


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