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Good Antivirus Combo with MBP?


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Hello all!

So I've been using Malwarebytes Pro in a combination with different antivirus programs for a while now. While I love MBAM Pro, I can't decide on a decent antivirus program. Does anyone have any recommendations for one? Doesn't matter whether it is free or paid, but free is definitely a plus. Thank you and have a nice day! :)

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Hello and welcome back, malwareblock: :)

While you were gone, this question was asked probably 6.02214X×1023 times here and at many of the other computer security forums, I'm afraid. ;)

100 users will, no doubt, have 101 opinions on the subject. ;)

There is no one single AV that is best for all users with all systems.

MBAM PRO is designed and tested to run alongside all of the major AVs.

One of our mods has some personal suggestions here: Free Antivirus Recommendations

Some users on some systems find it helpful to add mutual exclusions between MBAM PRO and the AV.

General steps are described >>HERE<<.

If you have a particular AV in mind, please post back and someone can assist you with this.



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