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Tips and advice for using HostsMan

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I had just read this article from malwarebytes' blog...



...but would like some tips and advice, from knowledgeable members of this forum, on the usage of HostsMan.

I recalled the previous time I tried the program (yesterday I think), it caused my computer to freeze when updating.

Apart from the host sources stated in the blog (i.e. Malware Domain List), are there other host sources that you can recommend?

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In addition to the defaults that it comes with along with Malware Domain List, I also use Chameleon which blocks ads (some of which aren't covered by the other ad blocking HOSTS files on the list). It may be added as a source via the following URL:


As for your system freezing, I'm not certain as I've never experienced that myself, but I would recommend allowing HostsMan to disable the DNS Client Service if you haven't already, as having it enabled with a large HOSTS file can cause serious performance problems.

You also might look into using HostsServer as it tends to improve browsing performance when using a large HOSTS file as well and is from the developers of HostsMan.

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Thanks for the reply! ^_^

I took some screenshots while installing the HostsMan and had DNS Client Service enabled after the installation (which probably explains the freezing). Other settings changed would be "overwrite the current hosts".

I will try installing HostMan again with HostsServer (and DNS Client Service disabled) in a VM using VirtualBox to familiarise myself with the program for a few months.

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