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couldnt install canon driver, found topic "possible trojan" need instructions

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I have been having intermittent problems with my Dell Vostro 220s as far as CTR ALT DLT does not work, problems installing things, will not shut down consistently, etc. Know I have some type of mal problem, just been side-stepping it until now.

Bought a new HP printer, installed with no problems. Bought a new Canon Lide Scanner, will not install the driver. Found that Windows Installer was not running, now it is.

Found this problem on your site "possible trojan", sounds like my problems so I followed all instructions from Gringo. Got to this last scan and need direction. Text log pasted below. I can paste all other scans too if you need them.

I need to know whether to delete these or not, per Eset Scan.

Thanks in advance!


C:\Users\Grant\Downloads\musicoasis.exe probably a variant of Win32/InstallIQ application

C:\Users\John\Documents\ApnStub.exe a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask application

C:\Users\John\Documents\CuteWriter[1]\CuteWriter.exe a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.C application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\cbsidlm-tr1_11-Softi_Scan_to_PDF-SEO-10795678.exe Win32/DownloadAdmin.G application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\iLividSetup (1).exe Win32/Toolbar.SearchSuite application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\iLividSetup.exe Win32/Toolbar.SearchSuite application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\KMSnano_v14_Activate_Windows_and_MS_Office_secure (1).exe Win32/TopMedia.B application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\KMSnano_v14_Activate_Windows_and_MS_Office_secure (2).exe Win32/TopMedia.B application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\KMSnano_v14_Activate_Windows_and_MS_Office_secure.exe Win32/TopMedia.B application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\MS_Office_2010_Pro_Plus(x86_x64)_RTM_VL_[sP1_Integrated]-2010kai_secure.exe Win32/TopMedia.B application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\MS_Office_2010_with_SP1_-_Full_DVD_-_ES.7z_secure.exe Win32/TopMedia.B application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\winrar setup (1).exe a variant of Win32/InstallCore.AZ application

C:\Users\John\Downloads\LaNanov14\KMSnano.exe a variant of MSIL/HackTool.IdleKMS.A application

C:\Users\Sue\Downloads\Microsoft_Office_ProPlus_2013_Norsk_32&64_secure.exe Win32/TopMedia.B application

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