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Malwarebytes FREE 1.75 -- versus -- DSolutions Malwarebytes PRO 1.70

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Hello again! :)

After enjoying an excellent exchange XXX . . . http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=126971 . . . I chose to purchase Malwarebytes PRO from Newegg.

As previously informed, I understood Malwarebytes PRO from Newegg was a retail version supported by DSolutions. However, I did not know how ANTIQUATED the DSolutions version was.

After the install was complete, I find my Malwarebytes PRO is version with Build date 12/14/2012.

Prior to uninstalling the Malwarebytes FREE I obtained from this website, I noticed it was version and I do not recall the Build date.

Downloaded from this website, does the FREE version have a different version number than the PRO version?

It's nice to save a few bucks, but it sucks when saving means an INFERIOR (version) PRODUCT.

Is the Malwarebytes PRO version available from this website also version 1.70? Or, as I suspect, is the DSolutions an INFERIOR (version) PRODUCT? because it is over 5 versions older?

I ask because I know how to update the definition database, but I find no way to update the program.

Thank you.



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Hi, CurlySue: :)

I am just a home user and forum volunteer with no personal experience with the MBAM PRO sold through DSolutions.

So, we might need to wait for an MBAM staffer to arrive to further explain licensing/support details.

However, I expect that the software itself is identical and I can't imagine that there's no way to update it.

Have you tried to configure it by opening the main GUI > Settings > Updater settings > make sure both of the options shown in the attached screen shot are ticked/enabled?

Then do another manual check for updates and you ought to get the program update, not just the definitions update.

Let us know if that resolves your issue.




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They should be (are) the same product, just being sold in two different locations. You can just download the latest version from => HERE <= and enter the ID and KEY from the one you purchased and all should be good to go.

As Firefox said. The Registration and ID are valid for the downloaded version. You can update over the top with no issues.

Thank you again

Thank you, Firefox! :)

Thank you as well, Forum Diety!! :D I was hoping I could install the 1.75 version over the 1.70 version without complication - and I am also glad that I could use the ID and Key (came with version 1.70 from DSolutions) with version 1.75 from this website.

Thanks again!!

With kindest regards,


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