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C:\Windows\system32\gaopdxcounter replicating on restart everytime!

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hi guys! my computer has been struggling with a virus for the past week or so, im normally good at sorting these out but this one just wont give up!

just to briefly outline my problem:

computer began freezing and wouldnt allow and antivirus (avg) or spybot or malwarebytes to run so i disconnected the internet and started using safemode but even then spybot, avg and superanti spyware wouldnt run. even when removed and re-installed from a flash drive

i tried the trick of changing the file name (which worked for malwarebytes) however wont work for spybot / superanti spyware or avg. which still will not run.

malwarebytes finds the file named; C:\Windows\system32\gaopdxcounter and deletes it everytime its found however as soon as i restart the computer its back there again and starting it in normal mode causes it to freeze.

id like to get tips on how to get superanti spyware to run as it prompts saying 'the system administrator has made changes to not allow this program to run (when trying to install) and spybot simply doesnt run at all or prompt anykind of message.

im sick of wasting hours everyday trying to get this clean and do not want to have to format my computer. if i can get this gaopdxcounter file to stop replicating i think i might be able to beat it!

pleeeeeease help if you can B) ive read many similar threads but none of the solutions have worked for me so far!



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