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Hello and welcome, mikeabg:

Are you running MBAM PRO or MBAM Free?

Only the PRO version offers smaller, incremental updates (along with active, real-time protection & scheduled tasks, that's one of the benefits of the PRO version).

And, even with PRO, if you don't update for an extended period (a few days or more), you will get the full database version the next time.

So, if you are only updating once every 7 days, you will get the full version.

(FYI, because MBAM targets zero-day malware, the database is updated 10 or more times a day. So, it's advisable to update more often than once a week. Many folks configure MBAM PRO to check hourly or every 2 hours or every 4 hours. ;) )

If you are running MBAM Free, when you manually update, you will get the full database each time.



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thanks HTH , for comprehensive reply. I run the freebie ,but usually update every day.A scan has never found anything in 2 years [approx]. I never considered that it was the full database I am getting each time as I thought 6k bytes is quite a small number

thanks again

ps just another thought, why then doesn't the number of bytes increase over time if new solutions are being added daily. regs Mike B

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It would be more like 6,000 KB (~6 MB), not 6,000 bytes. :)

As far as the size of the database, that relates to the process of database optimization & the dynamics of circulating malware.

It's rather complex -- and above my pay grade to explain in technical terms -- but it has to do with how the engineers construct the database with the ever-changing methods and malware variants out there.

MBAM specifically targets zero-day threats that are actively circulating in the wild, so another part of the optimization involves removing from the database old, outdated threats that are no longer current.

The MBAM staff can explain this in more detail, I'm sure.

The fact that MBAM Free scans have never picked up anything on your system merely means that your system has not been infected with any of the malware that it targets. That's not necessarily a bad thing, of course, unless - for some weird reason -- you are trying to get infected. ;)

If you're not sure that MBAM Free is updating properly for you, please let us know and we will further assist you with troubleshooting or a clean reinstall.

HTH (= Hope This Helps), ;)


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Hello -

In my update, I have recorded 6,488 KB in the download 2 minutes ago.

This seemed to be about a "normal" manual update for the Free version that I run on my spare computer.

Remember that Updates were compressed to allow quicker and easier downloads for those still on Dial-up connections.

This revised process occured quite some time ago. Please update, and then list your current update version -

Thank You -

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thanks for your good and prompt replies especially HTH [ joke, I gave away my age ],I have a better understanding now as far as that is possible. For your info I have found the combo of Firefox / NoScript / Mbam / Avira / to be extremely reliable and trouble free.

regs Mike B

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